Engine repair

We have a lot of experience and all the necessary tools to ensure the quality repair of any BMW engines.

ремонт тормозных систем

Brake systems repair

Our experts have extensive experience with the capricious brake systems of BMW cars, and other manufacturers.

Diagnostics and electrical work

We make diagnostics of car electronics with the help of modern equipment.

Running gear repair

Our specialists perform repair of suspension of any complexity.

замена шин

Tire replacement

We produce the replacement of all types of passenger tires on modern equipment that allows us to work with disks up to 27 inches.

Adjustment of convergence

We make the adjustment of the angles of convergence and camber on a modern 3D stand.

Hour of work 35.00 eur + tax fees
Diagnostics 15.00 – 35.00 eur + tax fees
Inspection of the car before buying 50.00 eur + tax fees
Welding 35.00 eur + tax fees + expendable materials
Engine repair 35.00 eur/ 1 hour + tax fees


Replacing software, programming electronic components, chip tuning: negotiable price

One bridge 30.00 eur + tax fees
Two bridges 40.00 eur + tax fees
Cars with thruster rear suspension from 50.00 eur + tax fees
Cars no older than five years and models with time-consuming adjustment negotiable price
Checking of alignment or the adjustment of the anglees 20.00 eur + tax fees


Steel wheels up to 16″ 25.00 eur+ tax fees (4 wheel replacement)
Steel wheels up to 17″ 30.00 eur+ tax fees (4 wheel replacement)
Steel wheels up to 18″ 35.00 eur+ tax fees (4 wheel replacement)
Steel wheels from 19″ 40.00 eur+ tax fees (4 wheel replacement)


Runflat additionaly: 10.00 eur + tax fees (4 wheel replacement)

Tire repair: from 10.00 eur + tax fees / 1 wheel

Storage of one set of tires: 20.00 eur + tax fees / 1 season