About us

Each of us is looking for his own path in life, often not knowing where this path will take him. And so it was with us. None of the founders of Angelar garaaz dreamed as a child of a professional BMW car repair. However, having bought such cars, we faced with the need to repair them. Of course, we started doing it ourselves. At first, for ourselves, then for familiars, and as a result, each of us started doing this professionally. BMW cars tend to unite adherents, people who do not just drive from point “A” to point “B” with fear of what is happening on the road, but for those who enjoy driving. So it happened to us. Having got acquainted through participation in BMW clubs, we organized a small car service of adherents, in which we worked for a long time, participated in various competitions, preparing our cars for them. As a result, popularity has led to queues for repairs up to two months.

Then came the Angelar that exists now. With managers who have repaired cars for many years, testing the reliability of spare parts and technologies on their cars. With employees who, like them, love this brand and came to our team not by chance at all. With the experience of participation at the highest level in the carsport for our country and with its own series of time-attacks competitions, where everyone can try their hand.

1. Our mission

Performing not only standard maintenance procedures, but also solving complex technical problems.

2. Our target

The highest quality repair at a reasonable cost.

3. Our employees

The staff of Angelar Garaaž, in addition to the direct activity of car repair, takes part in automotive sports. And this means that many of the ideas and spare parts that you can offer in our company undergo extreme testing both at the ring car races and at the Estonian championship on the flight.

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Eesti rally 2017 special for BMW rally cars!

Employees of our car service took part in competitions Eesti rally 2017.


Some facts about our activities

  • Angelar Garaaž provides maintenance and repair services for BMW cars;
  • in case of unforeseen faults, all common types of filters, oils (Castrol), brake pads and sensors are available;

  • the queue for inspection and quick maintenance does not exceed five working days;
  • major repairs are carried out by appointment of 2 weeks.

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